Wilkus Architects partners with Chipotle Mexican Grill to open their second restaurant in the greater Grand Rapids area. The restaurant is located in the Bucktown Shopping Center development at 3070 44th Street SW. Wilkus Architects has assisted Chipotle with 169 award-wining restaurants in the upper Midwest, including Grandville, provided full-scale architectural services.

When Chipotle opened its first store in 1993, the idea was simple: demonstrate that food served fast didn't have to be a "fast-food" experience. We use high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking methods and distinctive interior design--features that are more frequently found in the world of fine dining…

- Chipotle Mexican Grill

With high demand for another location of the “fast-casual” Chipotle design in the greater Grand Rapids area, Wilkus Architects stepped in to create a unique and stimulating design of Chipotle’s “Moment Design” in Grandville. The restaurant features a large glass tower with eloquent lighting features, and materials that have a raw and distinctive finished look.

“Similarly, our restaurant design transforms simple materials in distinctive ways, giving our restaurants a style that's more architectural in nature and less dependent on standardized design elements.” -Chipotle Mexican Grill. For more on Chipotle Mexican Grill, please visit their webpage at:

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