Each Wednesday, we feature a construction story, image or detail drawing from a past or recent project at Wilkus Architects. It's our goal to generate conversation with these weekly posts so please comment below.

Our first edition of Construction Wednesday features a project Wilkus Architects completed for Northern Family Farms in 2012. This project features a contemporary detail with an exterior wood cladding system terminating at the storefront glazing system. Conceptually, the cladding material "wraps" from the exterior into the interior spaces. (See below)

2012-03-02 07.42.31

In order to achieve this look, we had a few hurdles to overcome.

  1. A remote site made communication between the contractors and our team difficult.
  2. Decisions made on-site became an issue when details weren't built per the architectural drawings.
  3. Issuing accurate construction bulletins based on our assessment of on-site photos. (See below)

Storefront Entry 02-21-12

In the end, the design came to fruition with successful collaboration between our team at Wilkus Architects and the general contractor on site. We're happy with the way the building showcases the natural beauty of wood.

In the end, our client has a beautiful building with interesting architectural details.


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