Eden Prairie, MN based Wilkus Architects helps Minnetonka, MN land it's first Viverant Training Facility this summer at 12324 Wayzata Blvd. Being the newest of six locations, Viverant of Minnetonka features the iconic treatment package, massage rooms, training, and lounge that each client comes to recognize with the brand.

Our goal is to provide care that’s geared to meet your needs—not those defined by your insurance company or the traditional healthcare system. You don’t have to accept your limitations or live with pain.
- Viverant

Viverant is a living, breathing community of expert physical therapists and top health professionals, all dedicated to helping you realize true recovery and your full physical potential.

Their approach is outlined in three simple sections: Recover, Prevent, and Optimize. Recovery focuses on physical therapy and rehabilitation, using your full physical potential and their top notch experts to get you through the healing process. If you are looking for more of a lifestyle change, their preventative measures look at your whole body as a system. This allows for a complete performance analysis to pinpoint areas that may have weakness or potential liabilities you may not even know about, and address your unique needs to achieve a healthy body. Finally, optimization towards achieving true potential. Viverant offers unique coaching to offer optimal performance your body has to offer.

To find out more about Viverant, or to see their other locations, please visit their website at: For more on Viverant Minnetonka, please visit Viverant's Facebook Page here:Viverant Facebook Photo Credit: Viverant Facebook