We support continuing professional education by staff members and also encourage active involvement in professional and community extra-curricular activities. We participate in the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and encourage Architectural Registration and LEED Accreditation.

The firm sponsors a series of office-wide technical, design, and practice presentations developed by firm leaders, staff, and allied professionals.

WE ARE Collaborative, Supportive + Well Balanced.

Wilkus Architects has a collaborative, team-focused working environment and a diverse staff.  Our open office space promotes communication and knowledge sharing across a diverse range of project typologies and scales.

"I enjoy the freedom the firm affords everyone, both professionally and personally."



Over the years, we have created many favorite potlucks for the office staff including:

Valentine’s Day (Main course of spaghetti and watching Lady and the Tramp), Groundhog’s Day (including watching the movie), St. Patricks’s Day, Easter, Tax Day, Cinco De Mayo, End of the Summer, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Fish FryDay, Food-on-a-stick / State Fair Potluck, Chili Cook-Off, Hot Weather Potluck and Frozen Movie, Holiday Potluck including Christmas Vacation Movie, Hot Dish Potluck, Retro Family / Childhood Food.

"I like how we work together as a family, everyone has a open door policy. Everyone is willing to take on new rolls. Everyone is open to questions, and if they don't know the answer they work with you to figure out a solution. If someone is in trouble, we all pitch in to help out. I also Enjoy having fun as an office, the office party, the pot lucks, happy hours etc. A firm that works together, grows together and has fun together. It truly is a amazing coming to work everyday."
"I really enjoy how everyone's birthday is celebrated with a paid day off, a friendly Happy Birthday email, and birthday treats when you come back."
"Wilkus has good communication on work/life balance, asking if there's too much on our plate. There are lots of ways to get involved, both related to work and not - committees, Skyway Open, CANstruction, building at Bluewater, happy hours. Getting to wear jeans - it makes everything a little more comfortable!"
"One of my favorite things about the office culture is that everyone is valued. It doesn't matter if you're a grizzled veteran architect of 30 years or a newly-hired recent graduate. This attitude fosters a culture where everyone is actively contributing toward the success of the firm."