Project Data

Locations: Roseville, MN and New Richmond, WI

Square Feet: 1,800 - 2,100

Photos courtesy of Lizzie C Photography

Project Summary

Wilkus Architects has worked with Dunn Brothers on two Midwest locations, providing professional architectural services including site investigation, interior and exterior schematic design, modeling/rendering, and construction administration.

When the existing Ramsey County Library decided to expand and remodel, an opportunity was created for Wilkus Architects to work with Dunn Brothers Coffee to create a new space at their existing location in Roseville. Working with new traffic patterns and space relationships, a new space was created that complimented the remodeled library, while retaining the uniqueness of Dunn Brothers Coffee.

The above photos are from the latest project in New Richmond, WI, which opened in March of 2018. The atmosphere of this location turned out very modern, slightly industrial as well as cozy and inviting.