Our Core Philosophy

  • We believe our staff is our most important asset.
  • We are committed to providing excellent service and developing long lasting client relationships.
  • We will remain flexible, innovative, and progressive in regards to design and technology.
  • We seek to identify creative solutions to design.
  • We encourage teamwork in everything we do to provide our clients with timely and effective results.
  • We promise to provide consistency across all platforms of our professional services.
  • We will prevail as an architecture firm that places the needs of the client before our own.


Wilkus Architects has been an established architectural design firm since 1990. We are committed to providing new and innovative design through the use of cutting edge technology.

We offer comprehensive services with a staff that has the means to achieve the specific needs of your business to help you reach your design goals. You will find success with our firm in that we have the resources of a large company with the personal attention of a small practice.


Wilkus Architects consists of licensed architects and interior designers that are committed to providing innovative design solutions that enable our clients to evolve in an ever-competitive economy. Our highly collaborative and multidisciplinary staff is made up of creative minds that provide a holistic palette of design services that tailor to our client’s unique needs. The Wilkus team provides our clients with effective and timely completion of their projects through partnerships with local building officials and construction professionals. Believing in consistency and competent project delivery, we are an architecture firm that places the requests of the client before our own.

Our highly collaborative and multidisciplinary staff is made up of creative minds that provide a holistic palate of design services.


Our dedication extends from our staff, to our work and  through to our clients. We firmly believe that dedication is what keeps our work of a high quality and our service of a higher class. As a firm, Wilkus Architects shows this dedication through promoting and supporting continuing education opportunities for staff and local local community service activities. 


The staff at Wilkus Architects are capable of providing architectural and interior design services that span many scales and complexities. We pride ourselves in maintaining a family of 30+ staff members that are capable of achieving any goals you may have in mind. 

We leverage the newest technologies and advancements in the design profession to accomplish goals in a timely manner while maintaining quality and accuracy. We leverage both digital and analog methodologies in order to address any design task. With a powerful tool kit and a group of skilled staff members, Wilkus Architects is more than capable of helping you on your next project.

We value our long-term clients and work diligently to maintain our relationship with them.