Nakia Edmunds


Bachelor of Design in Architecture Dual Minors in Sustainable Studies and Design

Architecture was always the plan for Nakia. She loves the fact that the work requires her to be multi-disciplined. She grew up in construction and surrounded by designers, so in high school when she discovered her vocation for drafting, that was her affirmation. Nakia has always operated from the paradigm of, “Let’s look at the bigger picture”. Service has always been the biggest drive in her career. The concept of serving the public is something Nakia thinks and talks about every single day – Understanding how her work trickles down to real people in real life and making those connections to see how her contribution plays out in the bigger picture of the world. She gets excited seeing this profession do good in the world and creative people finding creative ways to make people’s lives better. 

As a millennial, Nakia tries to always keep up with the latest trends – gourmet beer, avocado toast, and ‘mocking’. One of her bucket list items is to accomplish the 50 by 50 – seeing all 50 states by the time she is 50 years olds, she is over half way in both aspects. She recently bought a Harley Motorcycle, which has been her latest fixation these last couple years. Nakia also enjoys camping, hunting, skiing and the Golden Gophers!