In February 2018, Caribou Coffee opened a new location in Manama, Bahrain at The Avenues Mall. 

Caribou Coffee’s brand typically represents the iconic Midwest as most of them are corporately owned. Even though international locations still have to follow a design manual, there’s a little more freedom to make these locations unique. The Avenues Mall location features new stone columns with wrap-around seating that give guests flexibility while extending sightlines to the vaulted ceilings.

Wilkus Architects provided architectural designs services from programming through construction drawings. The use of 3D design and rendering services provided Caribou’s international design team many iterations and renderings to help focus in on the unique design, while remaining true to Caribou’s design standard. The layout allowed for 98 seats inside, as well as a small patio seating area with 13 seats.

Thanks to owners Sanjay Kumar & Shyam Rathore with BBGM Food and Leisure Co., and Caribou Coffee International Designer Jessica Rust!