Chipotle Mexican Grill announced last week grand opening of their new location in Minnetonka, MN.

The company officially welcomed the community to the new restaurant at 4717 County Road 101 on June 11th, joining only one other location in Minnetonka. Wilkus Architects has assisted Chipotle with 168 award-winning restaurants in the upper Midwest (Minnetonka included), providing full-scale architectural services.

It takes more than great tasting food to make a terrific meal. It takes an awesome location and eating with fun, interesting people. Unfortunately we can’t make your friends any more interesting or fun. What we can do is carefully design each of our restaurants to create a unique dining experience fundamentally different than you would get with traditional fast food.
— Chipotle Mexican Grill

Since mid-February, over 600 residents of Minnetonka voiced their concern to allow the popular "Fast-Casual" restaurant chain on County Road 101 near Highway 7. Thankfully, this eventually overturned the previous ruling by the city claiming "there is already too much fast food in that area."

Chipotle had it's grand opening on June 11th, releasing the much anticipated "Chipotle Experience" to local Minnetonka Residents. Are you experienced? For more on Chipotle Mexican Grill, please visit their webpage at:

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