Ceilings are probably not the first thing you would think about when imagining a space, but they can certainly be the first thing you notice when you actually walk into one.

If you want to keep the walls simple and clean, a statement ceiling is a great way to subtly add to a space in a different way than artwork other accents do.


Many people are growing increasingly considerate of their impact on the environment, spiking the shift towards more sustainable materials. Some examples of this include: Repurposed furniture, recycled tile and wood and natural textures.



Color plays an important role in creating an environment inside a space, as well as evoking emotions. The psychology of color has long been studied, and it is agreed that certain emotions are connected with certain colors.

In the color wheel to the right you will see some common color and emotion associations

According to the predictions of Behr paint company, natural, earth and jewel tones will be all the range this coming year.

Color should definitely be an important consideration when you are designing a space. While you may have an interior designer that will help you through the process, think about your brand and how you want your customers to feel during their time at your office, restaurant, clinic -— whatever it may be.

Are you an upbeat bar that wants people to socialize and have fun? Consider having red, orange or yellow in your palette. How about a relaxed, organic cafe that wants people to feel good and healthy? Using shades of green and blue could be perfect for this type of setting.

color wheel.png

Here are the chosen colors of 2019 by several popular paint companies.