Last year, Harry Brand, owner of Harry’s Café in Lakeville, MN engaged Wilkus to renovate his restaurant in commemoration of the business’s 20-year milestone.  Harry’s vision is focused on developing an overall customer experience package through food and atmosphere.  Wilkus worked with Harry to help refine his vision into an overall update and refresh of the facility’s outdated exterior, dining room, bar, and restrooms.  The outcome will be a tasteful and contemporary refinement of the restaurant – rebranding it for the future. 

Construction started at Harry’s in Lakeville, MN on April 24 and as we turned the corner into May, the project is half-way complete and on track to re-open by Mother’s Day!  We can’t wait for you to see his new bar!  Here’s a sneak peek:

Congratulations to Harry’s on the first 20 years!  We wish you many more years of success!  Thanks for letting us join you on this journey!