We’re excited to share another update on the Kowalski’s Markets in Excelsior, MN! This week, brick installation has begun on the North side of the building. The images below show the brick on site with some tenting to help the masons install the brick facade in cooler temperatures. In addition, steel erection is complete. The main entry tower begins to take shape as the main structural steel defines the form. The roof is entirely enclosed with insulation to be installed soon. Also, you may remember the condition of the lower level from this previous post. That trenching work has been completed and the concrete floor slab has been poured. Finally, the framing on the exterior walls is taking shape and the roof curbs will be installed soon.

Construction is pushing full steam ahead, especially with the gorgeous Minnesota Spring weather! As the architect, it's always exciting to see a project jump off the paper to find itself in the built environment. We're excited to see the finished result and see Kowalski's Markets in the space. As always, special thanks to EFH General Contractor for their hard work on site.


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