Kowalski's Markets - Construction Update

We're excited to share an update on a great project for Kowalski's Markets in the city of Excelsior, MN. This has been an exciting project for the team and it's rewarding to see the design taking shape. The images below will help  illustrate the construction process.

The North CMU wall is built and 90% of the steel has been erected. The final few roof joists are being placed and will soon support the roof above. In addition, you can see the soil beneath the basement slab being trenched to receive the vapor mitigation system piping. Finally, we witnessed the steel framing being hung on the East wall. Next week, the roof deck should be in place and the basement slab should be poured. Exterior framing will also continue.

The official construction schedule has not been finalized, but Kowalski's is hoping to open their new store in the summer of 2015. Special thanks to EFH General Contractor for their hard work on site.


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