Our project with Redstone American Grill at the Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka, Minnesota has completed construction and is now open! Project Architect Duane Perry, AIA describes the project: 

Redstone saw that their existing location in Minnetonka, which was their first store, was not going to continue in the form that it was in. The existing restaurant was small, old and on the periphery of activity surrounding the Ridgedale Mall. Redstone had an opportunity to move into the mall itself which was a new position for them to be in. The site placed them in proximity to the mall's North entry, directly adjacent to the newly built Nordstrom's space. This journey into a mall tenancy was an unknown experience for them. The process took on many scenarios and approaches that took time to design, iterate and redesign.

Architecturally, Redstone's tenant space needed both the mall interior facade and exterior facade designed in unique ways. The exterior was a more traditional approach of entry but the scale needed to respond to the large scale of the mall itself. The interior facade was a more intimate facade, relating to the pedestrian scale. Ultimately, it was determined that the exterior needed a vertical solution and the interior needed a horizontal solution. Most importantly, each facade needed to emulate and inherent character consistent with Redstone's brand.

Redstone American Grill

12241 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305

(952) 591-0000

The rugged, yet romantic atmosphere is perfect for any occasion, an intimate dinner, a business lunch, drinks outside on the patio or Sunday brunch.
— Redstone American Grill