Seward Community Co-op has officially announced their plans to open a second location in South Minneapolis, MN. Seward Community Co-op has been working closely with Eden Prairie, MN based Wilkus Architects to design and develop the preliminary concept drawings of the new location (Seen above). Board President Madeline Kastler States "This is a wonderful opportunity to realize Seward Co-op's goals, visions, and priorities by expanding our efforts to another South Minneapolis community".

Advocating for food justice has been a neighborhood priority for many years. Building on the efforts of many engaged organizations and people, I’m excited that the Greater Friendship Baptist Church and the Carrot Initiative have found such a great partner in Seward Community Co-op to improve food access in our neighborhood.
— Elizabeth Gidden, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 8

Seward Co-op is known for their efforts towards sustainable, healthy communities having: Equitable economic relationships, positive environmental impacts, and inclusive socially responsible practices. This time, they team up with several local neighborhood organizations including the Greater Friendship Baptist Church and the Carrot Initiative to build the relationships needed to cultivate a healthy community. "We want something that benefits the community." Rev. Russell says. "Our Number one goal has been to bring a grocery store into the community - a grocery store with fresh fruits and vegetables. We want people to have access to those things." - Seward Co-op, Rev. Russell

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