The Valley Natural Foods expansion in Burnsville, MN is continuing to make amazing progress!

We stopped in to check out the new additions within the last couple of weeks. Check out our photos below. The Customer Service Desk is receiving new casework and is currently being installed. The newly constructed soffits have received a new coat of vibrant paint.  The suspended interior accent beams are now located over the salesfloor, and the interior of the new addition is taking shape with deli prep and kitchen equipment moving into their new space.  For the exterior new windows are in the process of being installed with glazing, and the new exterior façade has been stained to match the existing building elevation. We can’t wait for project completion!


The exterior design is focused on keeping the character and aesthetic of the existing facility, while relocating the existing drive-thru and loading dock to the west end of the expansion. The parking lot and green space will also expand to the west.


The interior design is focused on a combination of natural and vibrant tones and sustainable materials, connecting back to Valley Natural's brand. Wider aisles, updated lighting and finishes give a new sense of quality without losing the brand's personal approach and comfort when entering the store.

Check out Valley Natural Food's blog for continued progress photos of the 8,000-square-foot co-op expansion!