We’re excited to officially announce the new Wilkus Architects office in Hopkins, MN!

15 9th Avenue North | Hopkins, MN 55343

In this edition of #WilkusRelocation, we will explore the concept of frame. Our conversation occurs under the lens of architectural process and implementation.

Architectural Process:

What is space? How do we create space? In order to create space and an architectural solution, one must first fully understand the problem. In the case of the #WilkusRelocation, we needed to create more space for our growing firm. More importantly, this growth created an opportunity to build the overall vision of the firm. Placing a floor, some walls and a roof doesn't create space. The architectural process requires iteration, questions, evolution, ideas and more iteration in order to create space.



In the new office, we wanted to create a separation between our programmatic elements and the exterior walls. To do this, we created "floating cubes" within the overall space. These cubes will help to define the space, create circulation paths and establish pockets for smaller programmatic elements. For example, the large green elements establish main program cores while the negative space surrounding those elements allow for reception, library, printing and break-out areas. In this way, we're able to maintain a spatial harmony while breaking the architectural and structural grid of the building.

2014-12-12 12.09.17

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