Kevin Green, LEED®AP

Senior Project Manager

University of Minnesota, College of Design Bachelor of Science in Architecture; Minor in Construction Management

LEED Accredited Professional

Kevin is a dedicated, hard working designer with a creative addiction to problem solving and a "do-it-yourself" attitude.  

He's been with Wilkus Architects since early 2011, focusing primarily on commercial design & space planning.  As a project manager he works closely with clients, team members, and consultants to deliver an on-time, quality project experience.  In addition to architectural design, his skills include website design/ management, social media marketing, 3D rendering, BIM modeling, and project management.

Kevin's been known to take his work home with him and rarely gives up to relaxation.  Home improvements, room remodels, furniture design, automotive repairs, etc. keep him busy and challenged daily.  He takes pride in the design process and eagerly jumps in for the reward of transforming nothing into something beautiful.