Phase 4


Submitting for Plan Review Now that you have all the required documents for permitting, what’s next? It’s time to submit for plan review. As an additional service, Wilkus Architects can also submit your drawings for plan review on your behalf. If you would like to add this service to your contract, all you need to do is call Jeanne. She would be happy to help you.

Waxing the City - St. Louis Park, MN6

During plan review the respective city/county jurisdiction will review the permit documents for compliance, ensuring everything is in order. If they have any comments or questions about the drawings, they will contact Wilkus Architects for clarification. If any changes need to be made, Wilkus Architects will revise the drawings and resubmit them on your behalf.

Once a building permit has been issued and construction is starting, proceed to Phase 5: Construction Administration.