Wilkus Architects congratulates Naf Naf Grill on the opening of their newest location in Glenview, Illinois! Naf Naf Grill is a Chicago-based casual-quick serve concept specializing in shawarma, falafel and pitas. Aside from addictive middle eastern fare that has customers lined up out the door each day, they have an appetite for great design that can visually represent the passion that goes into their recipes and energetic atmosphere.


Naf Naf Grill's desire for foward-thinking restaurant design that could be successfully rolled out as part of an aggressive growth campaign into new markets led them to Wilkus Architects. We are off to a great start with Naf Naf Grill, as we continue to refine the design while simultaneously moving forward with the rollout of new locations. Our client values the experience-based insight we can provide into navigating the often complicated development process a national chain concept must go through - and we appreciate their desire for quality design! Whether it's the aesthetics of a dining room or the functionality of a kitchen, our firm is there to support our client's vision.


Aside from industry-focused experience, technology is a big part of how we convey ideas and conduct research for our clients. We recognized early on that the team at Naf Naf Grill would benefit from 3D visualization as Means to arrive at good design decisions faster and with greater confidence. For each phase of work, we are providing Naf Naf Grill with BIMx 3D interactive walk throughs. Combining the 3D visualization with great construction documentation led to significant construction cost reductions on the Glenview project. These savings will magnify with each subsequent design. Additionally, adding time for thorough research of the project's premises and regulatory requirements actually saved time and money in the project's overall schedule.

Investing in good design and a strong, organized development process pays dividends that any business owner can appreciate!

Photo Credit : Naf Naf Grill's Facebook Page